Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, even the best thought out websites don't make it easy to find the answers to some of your questions. Before you call us, have a look at what we find are the most commonly asked questions.
Are You Thinking About Booking?

Find all the answers to all the counts we all have before we book a tour.

Almost all COVID restrictions have stopped in Spain, but you will still need to wear a mask in the chemist, and in the doctors or hospital.  However, if you have been in contact with anybody who has tested positive, or are showing classic Covid symptoms, even if you have been vaccinated,  we kindly ask you not to join the tour.



Yes, if you look at each of our tours, there is an option to add a hotel or airport/port pick up. You will be collected by your own luxury private taxi.

We have a range of vehicles, from luxury cars for our VIP and Private Tours, to comfortable minivans and minibuses for our regular tours. We operate our own fleet of vehicle, thereby the ensuring the highest standards of safety and comfort.

We run tours with just two people, up to just 16-20 customers. Generally, we average eight people on each tour, but on the very rare occasion, we might take a couple of extra people if they have booked last minute.

We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance before you undertake any kind of travel or holiday. It is rare, but every year we have customers who want to cancel at the last minute due to flight delays, theft, or illness. Please protect yourselves.

If you fulfil all the visa entry requirements for coming to Spain, then you also meet the requirements for entry to France and Andorra. However, you MUST bring you physical passport with you.

None of our regular tours, unless otherwise stated, need an unusual level of physical fitness. Every tour has some elements of walking, and this comprises about an hour’s guided walk at a normal walking pace, the use of stairs, and walking on cobblestones.


I am truly sorry to say that our tours are not suitable for those who are totally dependant on their wheelchair. However, please contact us to discuss a private tour option at an affordable price.

We don not have room for larger prams, but we have some limited space for strollers, Please remember to mention this at the time of booking. We reserve the right to deny boarding if we do not have room for the pram, and we will not be able to offer a refund.

We have a very small amount of baby seats, but this must be arranged before you arrive and at the time of booking. Unfortunately, we cannot allow babies to sit on the mothers lap. Regarding the price of a ticket, we are sorry to have to say that we can only offer a modest discount of 25% for customers under the age of 14.

There is space for a small carry on bag, but this must fit under your seat, or on your lap. We do not have space for any type of suitcase.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our tours are done in English.

No! If you are trying to book a tour, and the system says no availability, it’s always worth sending us an email. Depending on the situation, we might open up another tour for you or offer you a private option at a special price.

We welcome people of all ages. Apart from the guided section at the start of each tour, there is plenty of time to explore on your own. There is plenty to do for all ages, so don’t worry that you’re going to be stuck with a bunch of oldies, or forced to hang our with the kids. You’ll have plenty of time to do just what you want, and how you want to do it.

Booking one of our Day Tours from Barcelona could not be easier. The simplest and quickest way is to click on the Book Now button and follow the instructions. If you prefer to talk to one of our team, and make the booking over the phone on + (34) 93 2691154 or via email.

We always recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Sometimes, our day tours sell out a long time in advance. From April to October it is our busiest season, and many of our day trips are sold out a week or more in advance.

Remember, that even if you book months in advance, you act always cancel your booking and get a full refund with more than 24 hours notice from before the time of the tours starting.

Please remember to mention in the special requirements section at the time of the booking the name of the other party so we can ensure you are on the same tour.

Yes it is. However, on some of our tours we have considerable fixed costs. If we only have two customers on the booking we will still run the tour, but we will ask for an additional surcharge of 25 Euros per person. For this small extra cost you will get, in effect, a private tour! If you prefer not to pay the surcharge, we will also offer you an alternative date or tour.

We will never cancel a tour for bad weather, unless it is dangerous to continue the tour.

Yes we do. Explore Catalunya offers range of tours all year long. We may offer a reduced schedule, but the only days we DO NOT operate are December 25th, December 26th, January 1st, and January 6th.

You can book from one person to 16 people in one go. If we do not have availability for the number you request, please call the office. For larger groups we may be able to offer a special private tour price just for you.

What happens during my tour?

This is one question we get asked all of the time. All of our tours have been carefully designed to give you as much time as possible at each stop. Generally, we try to visit at least three main attractions on each tour, as well as stopping off for photo opportunities and bathroom breaks.

Each tour is different, but we spend about one hour driving between each place on average. Sometimes it’s a bit less, and on the odd tour, such as the Three Countries, we might spend an hour and a half between two stops.

At each place we visit, we spend on average 45-60 minutes as a guided visit, and up to a couple of hours including free time alone.

We like to keep things simple and transparent. So yes, all of the entry tickets are included apart from the Dalí house in Port Lligat, the entrances on the Barcelona day Tours, and the attractions in Montserrat. We do not include those because not everybody wants to include them and we prefer to keep the initial cost at a base rate.

At each stop, the very first thing we do is try and point out the nearest bathrooms. If the travelling time is longer than an hour, we always try and stop for a bathroom break en route. If you are worried about this, talk to your guide and they will discreetly find a solution.

Absolutely! We have structured all of our tours so that they combine a guided section with free time. Our philosophy at Explore Catalunya is to give you the keys to unlock the secrets of Catalunya. We encourage you to wander off on your own to discover things all by yourself.

However, we are always on hand should you need us, and before we ‘set you free’, we always point out attractions you should not miss, where the bathrooms are, which restaurants to visit, and most importantly, where the meeting point is!

It’s normal to worry about this. After all, you’ll be in a strange place, surrounded by people who don’t speak your language. Fear not, the guide is always around and if you get lost just call the office and we will send them to find you. However, it’s very important that you listen carefully to where all the meeting points are, so as not to delay the group.

What happens after my tour?

We have a policy of not accepting bad reviews! No, seriously, we want to hear all about your tour. We love positive feedback, but even critical reviews give us a chance for to see how we can improve. Your guide has a QR Code on his phone to take you straight to a place to review the tour on Trip Advisor. The office will also give you a card with a QR code, and other important information.

No they are not. However, the guides and drivers will never say no to a little thank you! There is not set amount or percentage you have to pay, if you feel like tipping then give whatever you think fair.

If you have a terrible tour then we want to know about it, Please, please please, let us know straight away. If we hear about it then and there we can try and fix it for you. There’s nothing worse than hearing bad comments a few weeks later and not being able to do anything about it.